Miękkie Sewing Call Competition






1.1. The organizer of the competition “Miękkie Sewing Call” hereinafter referred to as the Competition, is: IMM DESIGN SP. Z O.O. which is available under the address: ul. Kwiatowa 16A 05-500 Mysiadło, entered into the National Court Register under No. 0000676853 NIP [Tax Identification Number] 7010688645 by DISTRICT COURT FOR THE CAPITAL CITY OF WARSAW IN WARSAW, 14TH ECONOMIC DIVISION OF THE  NATIONAL COURT REGISTER,  amount of share capital: PLN 65 000 (hereinafter: Miękkie or the Organizer).

1.2. The competition is organized on the principles set out by these regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) and in accordance with generally applicable legal regulations.

1.3. The competition will be organized (played out) on the territory of the EU and Switzerland.


2.1. In the Competition may participate all adult natural persons having full capacity to perform acts in law that meet the conditions set out in these Regulations (except for the persons mentioned in point 2.2. below), who within the period specified in a dedicated post on the miękkie.com Facebook profile, make the application referred to in point 4.1.

2.2. Participants in the Competition may not be:

2.2.1.   the employees or members of the Management Board of the Organizer and Partner  and the immediate family members of those persons;

2.2.2.   the persons, who in any way participated in the preparation and conduct of the Competition, including members of the Jury selecting the winners.


3.1. The duration of the competition will be determined in a dedicated post on the miękkie.com Facebook profile.

3.2. The Competition will be decided within the period specified in a dedicated post on the miękkie.com Facebook profile.


4.1. In order to participate in the Competition you need to be a registered and logged in user  of the facebook.com website, add in the comment section under the competition post a photo together with a description of independently sewn clothes or accessories and indicate in the comment section your profile on the Instagram social networking site.

4.2. The theme of the competition will be determined in a dedicated post on the miękkie.com Facebook profile.

4.3. Participation in the Competition is free. 

4.4. Submitting an application for the Competition is tantamount to the acceptance by the Participant of the terms of these Regulations.

4.5. The Participant represents and warrants that they have exclusive and unlimited  copyrights to the sent competition work, which is a manifestation of their individual creativity of an original nature and is free from physical and legal defects and claims of third parties.

4.6. Where the competition task consists in sending a competition work or photos of a competition work containing an image of a participant of the Competition, the Participant of the Competition declares that they give the Organizer free permission to record their image and publicly distribute it in materials concerning the Competition, including as part of the presentation of a competition work, in particular in the press, television, promotional and advertising materials, etc.

4.6. In the event of third parties making claims against the Organizer resulting from violations of the rights, referred to in point. 4.4, the Participant undertakes to satisfy the claims submitted to the Organizer in this respect. In addition, in the situation, referred to above, they are subject to disqualification from the Competition.

4.7. The Organizer has the right at any time during the competition to exclude this participant from participation from the Competition (as well as to refuse to award them a prize), in relation to which he received information about actions contrary to the Regulations.

4.8.  Incomplete or incorrectly filled competition entries will not participate in the Competition.

4.9. The participant of the Competition declares that they agree to multiple (unlimited quantitatively, temporarily and territorially) and free use in whole and in freely selected fragments of their competition work (entry) by the Organizer and companies related with the Organizer by capital or personally directly or indirectly as well by the entities indicated by the Organizer in all known fields of exploitation, and in particular:

  1. Recording and reproducing by printing or a similar technique, including photocopying and microcopying;
  2. Publication and distribution in all editions, regardless of the form, standard, system or format, without limitation on the number of circulations, editions and copies; this also includes the right to partial or complete reprinting (before and after production), including on photocopies, microcopies and micro-productions, and the right to reproduce in other ways;
  3. Entering into computer memory and making copies of such records for the needs of exploitation as well as permanent or temporary reproduction of computer records in whole or in part by any means and in any form;
  4. Use for marketing purposes, including advertisement, promotion, designation or identification of the Organizer; this also includes polygraphic recording and distribution and use of these recordings; audiovisual recording by any technique regardless of the standard, system or format; broadcasting by means of wired or wireless video or audio by any technical means, including broadcasting via satellite; recording on devices used for repeated playback using audio and video media, including the reproduction, distribution and playing back of recordings, transmission, playing back and broadcasting in programs in the mass media, after recording on audio and/or video media;
  5. Making it publicly available in such a way that everyone can have access to it at the place and time of their choice including on any – electronic, digital etc. public communication channel;
  6. Placing on the market, the distribution of copies and their duplicates. The participant of the Competition grants the Organizer under this provision the permission to exercise derivative copyrights in all fields of exploitation mentioned above, if, for the exploitation of the above-mentioned competition work in these fields, it is necessary or needed to create a derivative work, and also the permission to grant mutual and simultaneous or independent development, alteration, adaptation of part or whole including by giving them various types of forms (modified, shortened, expanded or condensed) with the right to reproduce on storage media (floppy disk, memory card, diapositive, slide, microfilm, photocopy, micro-reproduction, CD and DVD media etc.) and with the right to use on audio and video media. The participant of the competition also grants the Organizer the permission to grant further licenses in respect of the acquired rights to the above-mentioned competition work.

4.10. The participant of the competition agrees for their competition work submitted by them to the competition to be used according to the needs of the Organizer and/or entity indicated by the Organizer and the requirements of its publication and distribution in the above-mentioned fields of exploitation, subjected to the appropriate processing, alterations, adaptations, adding titles and subtitles, abbreviations, technical adjustment, creating developments and corrections including stylistic, orthographic and linguistic ones, etc.


5.1. From among the correctly submitted entries, the competition commission will select 5 laureates, taking into account in particular the following criteria: originality, interestingness as well as content-related and stylistic correctness of the sent competition work.

5.1.1. From among the registered participants, the jury will select 5 that will receive from the Organizer the selected type and quantity of fabric/knitting (specified in a dedicated post on the miękkie.com Facebook profile). The list of laureates will be announced in a dedicated post on the miękkie.com Facebook profile.

5.2. As part of the Competition within the period specified in a dedicated post on the  miękkie.com Facebook profile, the laureates will create unique projects that will be put to a vote by the facebook.com community. The project that receives the most likes will receive a voucher with a value of  PLN 200 or the equivalent of EUR 50 to be used in the miękkie.com store (the voucher is valid 1 month since it is handed over to the winner – information on the date will be provided to the winner in a private message at the time of handing over the voucher).

5.2.1. Persons voting for the best project as part of the MSC competition will receive a discount code for shopping in the miękkie.com store  (the code will be transmitted in the comment section under the post in which voting was carried out for the best project).


5.3. There is no cash or in-kind equivalent for the won in-kind prizes (fabric handed over to a laureate) and a voucher.

5.4. A laureate has no right to assign the prize to another person.

5.5. If it results from applicable law, each of the Laureates of the Competition is obliged to pay the due income tax on the won prizes in the Competition in the amount of 10% of the gross value of the prize. Moreover, the Organizer is the payer of the above-mentioned tax on prizes. In this case, a condition for the issuance of the prize by the Organizer is the payment by a Laureate of the due tax on the prize – that is in the case of a cash prize – after deduction by the Organizer - 10% of the value of the prize, and in the case of an in-kind prize – upon payment by the Laureate of 10% of the value of the prize to the Organizer (as the payer of the tax).

5.6. A laureate has the right  to resign from the won prize. In this case, the prize becomes the property of the Organizer.

5.7. A condition for the issuance of the prize by the Organizer is the payment by the Winner of the due tax on the prize provided for in point 5.5 – if required.

5.8. After the settlement of the Competition, the Organizer will contact the laureates of the Competition through the social network, where the competition announcement was published through a private message with information about the win and with a request to send electronically the indicated personal data necessary for the handing over of the prize.

5.9. Shipment of prizes, won in the Competition, will take place within one week from the end of the Competition and posting its results on the facebook.com website on the Miekkie.com profile.

5.10. Where the Winner does not meet the conditions described in point 5.7 and/or 5.8 or does not collect the prizes within 1 month from their handing over, the prizes will be forfeited.

5.11.    The failure to hand over the prize due to not providing personal and/or contact data, providing incorrect data or not updating data by a laureate of the Competition or not providing the full data indicated in point 5.8 means forfeiture of the prize, which becomes the property of the next potential laureate.

5.12.    A condition for receiving the prize is compliance by the prize winner with all the provisions of these Regulations.

5.13. The list of laureates of the Competition published anonymously (e.g. using name and the first letter of surname or nickname together with place of residence) may be published in the  materials terminating the Competition, in particular on the website where the Competition was published.




6.1. To control the correctness of the Competition, a Commission is established, which will be composed of representatives of the Organizer.

6.2. The Commission will supervise the performance by the Organizer of all obligations resulting from these Regulations.


7.1. The processing of data takes place to the extent specified by the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018, the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the Protection of Natural Persons with Regard to the Processing of Personal Data and on the Free Movement of Such Data and Repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Act Amending Certain Acts with regard to ensuring the application of the Regulation 2016/679.

7.2. The Administrator, that is the entity deciding how personal data will be used, and specifically: name, surname, email address is IMM DESIGN SP. Z O.O. which is available under the address: ul. Kwiatowa 16A 05-500 Mysiadło, tel. +48 696 748 793, e-mail: hello@miekkie.com.

7.3. Personal data of participants of the Competition will be processed for the purposes of conducting the competition, selecting the winner and awarding, issuing and receiving the Prize, the settlement of a complaint procedure. If the Participant expresses a separate relevant consent, they may receive the newsletter by e-mail, commercial offers of the Organizer and its Partners. The Organizer may contact the Participant for advertising purposes and those related to conducted marketing activities.


8.1 Complaints related to the Competition will be received by the Organizer in writing to the address of the Organizer within 14 days from the end date of the Competition.

8.2. To resolve complaints, a Complaints Commission is appointed, composed of representatives of the Organizer.

8.3. In the case of sending a complaint submitted through the post, the date of posting is decisive.

8.4. Complaints submitted by participants will be resolved by the Complaints Commission no later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

8.5. The interested parties will be notified about the resolution of the complaint by a registered letter sent no later than within 7 days from the date of resolution of the complaint by the Complaints Commission.

8.6. The decision of the Complaints Commission on the submitted complaint is final, which does not exclude the right of the participant to pursue the outstanding claims through court proceedings.


9.1. The Regulations of this Competition are available on the miękkie.com website and in the registered office of the Organizer.

9.2. On request of a participant of the Competition, after sending by them a self-addressed stamped envelope, the Organizer will send a copy of the regulations of the Competition.

9.3. By taking part in the Competition, the participant confirms that they agree to all rules contained in the Regulations.

9.4. In matters not regulated in these regulations the provisions of the Civil Code, and in w particular Art. 919 – 921 of the Civil Code shall apply.


The Organizer